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Sea Moss has so many wonderful benefits. It's not only Dr. Sebi approved but is also a superfood. Sea Moss contains 92 minerals of 104 that our bodies requires. It also helps with weight loss, supports your immune system, as well as supporting a healthy heart. Sea Moss has so many great benefits I can't seem to name them all. Along with Sea Moss Moringa and Turmeric are great for your internal health also. Moringa is anti-cancer, treats urinary disorders, increases milk supply in nursing mothers, normalizes blood, treat anemia and that's just a few of what Moringa has to offer. Turmeric is not only used when cooking but also works great for other reasons such as anti-diabetic,  helps coughs, improve asthma, and prevent gas/bloating and many more health benefits. Check out our Sea Moss varieties as well. Please see picture slides 8oz. 

Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel

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