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This special blend is a great alternative to our Oatmeal Bath Soak. Our Baba Calendula goes great with our Baba Soothing Soap. The word Baba means baby in Africa case you was wondering what's special about this product. It is kid and baby friendly. Works for the most sensitive skin. This soak is made with hand infused oils that we allow to sit for weeks til months. 
Helps relieve irritation of the skin cause by heat rashes, eczema, itchy and dry skin. Also helps relieves diaper rashes. Just pour into your child's tub with lukewarm water and allow them to sit for 10-15 mins their for your child gets the full benefits. Try our Baba Soothing Bar with this as well for cleansing the skin.
Ingredients: Calendula, &  Calendula oil and other essentials. 

Baba Calendula Bath Care Soak

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